Update! MSFS2020 - MSFS Modified Traffic Nameplates - V.2.3

Summary of modifications to make the traffic nameplates in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 smaller and less intrusive.

Changes include:

different colors to choose from (see preview screenshots below)

reduced fontsize

font is changed to a more readable one (Roboto)

removed useless margins/paddings

some variants have no dark background

a thin white shine around the text to make it readable at night

V2 version also includes:

Letter spacing on the name to make it more readable

dark background but reduced to width of name and rounded corners

Disabled display of aircraft type and origin airport, so only altitude is shown if provided by the sim

- cppr-nameplates-v2-green

- cppr-nameplates-small-blue

- cppr-nameplates-small-green

- cppr-nameplates-small-orange

- cppr-nameplates-small-red

- cppr-nameplates-small-original


Download the release/zip file. Place the folder of one(!) desired variant of the nameplates in your "Community" folder. A restart of MSFS is required to see the effect.

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