[Simulator News] Fenix – A320 V2 Announced and IAE Engine Variant Details

All registered pilots who own the Fenix A320 advanced simulation add-on in MSFS will get soon a version 2 update, free of charge. SInce the 3D models were initially developed before the public release of MSFS, they have now a much better idea of what can sustain the graphics engine of the flight simulator.

Fenix will introduce more details, and will probably take this opportunity also to optimize their model performance. Another area of significant upgrade should affect the current Electronic Flight Bag tablet. They will keep its current functionalities but a new version will mainly change its back-office operations in order to ease the future updates and development integration.

About the variant with IAE engines of the A320, its development has not got the expected progress since the team member who has the hands on this part of the program is living in Ukraine and is facing the difficulties that everyone can imagine.

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