Update! MSFS2020 - SBRP Leite Lopes Airport Scenery - V.1.3

Ribeirão Preto is a municipality and a metropolitan area located in the northeastern region of São Paulo state, Brazil. Ribeirão Preto is the eighth-largest municipality in the State with 650.9 km2. It has an estimated population of 674,534 in 2018 and a metropolitan area of 1,178,910. It is located 313 km (194 mi) from the city of São Paulo and 706 km (439 mi) from Brasília, the federal capital. Its mean altitude is 526.8 meters (1,728 feet) high.


Added night lighting

Added VOR antenna

Added radio antenna

Added Tower

Added AIS Building

Added car parking

Added Av. Prof Joao Fiusa high balconies


More night light added (street lamps)

Started placing the fences

More high balconies scattered over the city

Covered parking lot completed

Added another car parking lot

Added Soccer Stadium's (Comercial e Botafogo)


runway, taxiways, aprons, ground markings, lights, completely redesigned

taxiways now have their correct names (ATC 100% working)

all new taxi signs

To install, open de .RAR file, and drag the folder flxbrasil-sbrp-leite-lopes to your communities folder, within your FS2020 install location.

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