MSFS2020 - EDDS Stuttgart Airport Scenery, Germany - V.0.2 [HD]

Alpha version for public download. This repository provides the built and ready-to-use versions for the MSFS 2020 of the Stuttgart Airport.

Realistic runway incl. slope, lightning system
Realistic apron incl. taxiway layout, parking positions and ground textures
Accurate NavData & procedures based on up-to-date data
Custom modelled 3D buildings:
main terminal (early version)
GAT hangars and terminal
LH Technik hangar
maintenance halls at taxiway N
Functional jetways and other ground crew features (refueling, catering etc.)

Known Issues:
missing ground textures (due to 1.10.11 patch)
flickering building windows
windsock not lighted
taxiway signs "ils cat 3 hold short" have a wrong / between II and III
taxiway signs "TORA distance" have missing meter letter

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