MSFS2020 - Tulum, An Ancient Mayan City In Mexico - V.1.0

This add-on provides an overhauled representation of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum in Mexico, as the default scenery represents the area using anachronistic structures. El Castillo and many of the associated structures are represented by a hand-made 3D Warehouse model created by Ryan. However, additional modifications were made to the model, including the addition of PBR textures. Other 3D assets were also created from scratch to fill in for many of the various ruins. A few minor tree adjustments were made, otherwise no other changes were made to the surrounding environment, including terraforming and satellite imagery. Basic night lighting has also been incorporated to this model.

Installation Instructions

1) Copy the "riverskyhigh-tulum" folder to your FS2020 Community Folder 

// (If you're unsure where this is, please see the notes following the instructions for help)

2) If you already have a previous version of this add-on in your community folder, simply delete or overwrite the old folder.

3) Done - run the game as normal and the scenery will be loaded

* This add-on includes an overhauled representation of Tulum, an ancient Mayan city in Mexico, a very short distance southeast of the Tulum Naval Air Station (MMTU).

How to find your "Community" Folder

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