[Simulator News] Install IVAO Model Matching to VATSIM for MSFS

International Online Flying Network, VATSIM, is connecting pilots through vPilot software for online ATC services. When the new Microsoft Flight Simulator was released, VATSIM has supported it since day one, although, users are still waiting for official or supported model matching. Without model matching files, you can’t see the right aircraft or liveries for VATSIM aircraft flying online with you. vPilot will try to match online traffic with the default aircraft you have installed in MSFS, but this may not always work and some aircraft online can be shown wrong to your eyes.

IVAO is the other similar network as VATSIM, and their Altitude pilot client will install 2.5 GB of model matching files for MSFS, including aircraft models and airline liveries. There is a way to make the IVAO model matching files to work in VATSIM, and here are the installation instructions:

  1. Install IVAO Altitude for MSFS2020, during that installation check that CSL/MTL Library is installed as well
  2. Make sure your Community folder now includes a folder called ivao_x-csl
  3. If you are not going to fly on IVAO, you can now uninstall Altitude, ivao_x-csl folder will not be removed
  4. Download airliners.vmr and default.vmr from here, thanks to mrmercury, where you place them does not matter
  5. Run vPilot as an Administrator, you can enable this feature from the shortcut properties
  6. In vPilot go to Settings – Model Matching (MSFS) – Custom Rules. By using the button “Add Custom Rule Set(s)”, add airlines.vmr and defaults.vmr. Make sure, airlines.vmr is above defaults.vmr
  7. Thats all, you are cleared to connect!
airlines.vmr will try to match aircraft and liveries using the IVAO X-CSL Models if a MSFS match cannot be done. You can now see aircraft types that are not yet available in MSFS such as A319, B777, etc…

defaults.vmr will catch all aircraft types that had no suitable MSFS or livery counterpart. You will then get the house livery from Boeing or Airbus for the specific aircraft.

Note: Changing time via in-sim toolbar will make model matching traffic to disappear for a short moment, it will return to normal automatically though. Also, night lights might be missing from some of the IVAO models.

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