[Simulator News] PMDG Development Update (MSFS - PREPAR3D - 777)

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has taken to their forums to post a very extensive development update mentioning the current situation at PMDG, development for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, the well-wanted update for the Boeing 777 rendition, or the PMDG Global Flight Operations. And furthermore, status on the PMGD aircraft and the recently released Prepar3D V5.1.

First of all, PMDG will be celebrating this week 23 years since the first product released by them. Robert Randazzo wrote, that this is for them the strangest moment in the 23 years. It was reasoned, that the community is eagerly awaiting PMDG to bring their flagships to the new platform while also awaiting improvements to the already released Boeing 777 rendition for older platforms and the Global Flight Operations.


Continuing through the post, an update on the Microsoft Flight Simulator development has been given. Based on the post, the work is going painfully slow. PMDG was originally expecting the development to progress much fafter. At this point, PMDG is “sliding” the potential release timeline for any PMDG products for the new platform further out on the calendar. For you to have an idea, PMDG was originally planning on releasing first aircraft for the new simulator in October 2020.


Regarding the long-awaited update for the 777 that should feature Prepar3D v5 support, the update, after a longer period of silence, has today entered the beta testing phase. It is unclear how long exactly will the update be in the beta stage, however, a lot of things have changed, and PMDG expects the first version to be released in December 2020.

Following that, we can expect an PMDG 777-200ER expansion to be released with a total of three engine variants, customized sounds and performance, and at last, an EFB implementation. Of course, the feature list has not been shared and these are only things that have been mentioned in the post.


PMDG has been working with various beta versions of Prepar3D v5.1 and can now calmly say, that their products do not require urgent updates. There are some things that will need tweaks on each product mostly related to the textures. The developers will issue those as soon as they know these changes are on their side of things.

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