Christmas Giveaway

Hello Dear Followers,   

We are delighted to announce our new year's Giveaway provided by with ORBX support. We are always happy to do what we can to help support flight sim and aviation community. Our 10 glorious members who win our giveaway will have a free add-on of their choice available on the ORBX market. 

All you need to do in order to participate ;

1. Join our discord.
2. Invite 3 friends to our discord server.
3. Follow our Facebook and Youtube channel.

1. Giveaway winners are limited by 10 people
2. The Giveaway is totally free 
3. The Deadline to participate for the giveaway is December 28th.
4. You must complete those 3 steps above in order to participate the giveaway.
5. Giveaway details are clearly stated above. Changes are not allowed. The number of rewards per person is limited by 1.
6. The full names of the winners will be published in the discord channel where the giveaway is
7. This contest is provided in good faith and can therefore be canceled at any time.
8. To claim the prize, the user has to send us a message via Discord within 24 hours.

*Winners will be announced 19:00Z (28 December 2020)

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