Update! MSFS2020 - Aircraft Carrier - USS MSFS - UK Mooring - V.1.1


Approximate location -   50.595319, -1.443976

  • Top deck now entirely solid.

This carrier has been parked just off the Isle of Wight in the UK and is starred. My sources tell me that Joe Biden has been groomed since birth to totally subjugate the Isle of Wight at the behest of the Thule Society so this could turn out to be a frighteningly prescient mod. 

Other than that revelation I've no idea why I put it there. I should've gone for somewhere rather more torrid and international but it didn't occur to me until it was too late. There are at least plenty of places nearby to fly from. 

Think I'm going to class this as a 'stunt' location as there are some, erm, compromises. There are apparently carrier mentions in the developer kit documentation but certainly no sign of them in reality so sadly there are no steam catapults, just your own boring old engines to rely on. This is nothing more than a lump of terraformed and dried out sea with a model thrown on top. 

The model of the carrier itself is pretty cool for all of 5 bucks. It did have a fully modelled interior down to internal hangars filled with aircraft. That's all been ripped out to save polygons but the island still has a bit left inside for you to relax in after a tiring afternoon bombing Cowes, Ryde and Ventnor back to the stone age. 

It has a 411 metre runway and an additional narrow apron beyond it of another 130 metres in length. The carrier has been scaled up to swallow most of the raised seabed but it's not tooo outlandishly oversized. 

It has two PAPI lights, one on each side, the other two melted down the side towards the sea. I've given the runway landing lights as there is no 'meatball' available. 

There is one parking space up from the start of the runway, you will likely need to do a U turn if you start from there. ATC has approach, ground and tower. There's no fancy nav stuff. 

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