MSFS2020 - Adjust The Position Of Your Aircraft App - V.2.4.4

Happened to me several time when flying online to have someone already on the spot I selected, such a shame !!
Had to go back to main menu each time it happened.
That's why I developped this small tool to move the plane on the ground.

I am sharing it with you without knowing if it will work outside of my PC, did it quickly on Visual Studio 2019.
If there is an interest from the community, I can make it more user friendly with smarter controls like left/right, forward/backward instead of adjusting latitude and longitude (done as of december 19th! Found the formulas...)

At least it saves me a lot of time and I also used it in some case where the jetway was a little too far away !

Installation: you should be good to go by extracting anywhere and run the exe file.
My antivirus did not say anything and I can guarantee that the file is safe and does basic Simconnect read and writes.
Close it when you do not use it anymore as I am polling data from the sim every 200ms !

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