Update! MSFS2020 - Boeing 747-8i Flight Characteristics and Autopilot Reworks Mod - V.75

This mod contains AUTOPILOT mechanism fix, Flight Characteristics, Ground Handling (Taxing) and Light fix/improvement, and Start Condition changes for Boeing 747-8i aircraft.

      Version 0.75

      • : (Improvement) Legacy flight model reworked.
      • : (Add) FMC - ECON SPD, TRANS ALT, TRANS SPD Function Added
      • : (Add) FMC - VNAV - ' Extra Page ' - TOD Calculator page added
      • : (Fix) FMC 2, 3 interation issue after patch fixed.
      • : (Fix) Upper EICAS - Wrong Stabilizer trim indicators fixed.
      • : (Fix) Prevent FMC black issue related A320NX.
      • : (Revised) Default cruise altitude setting revised.
      • : (Revised) FMC pages revised to support new patch version.
      • : (Revised) File size and version information revised.
      • : (Miscs) Loading screen before flight changed.
      • *if you want to change it, copy and paste files into below folder
      • 1) \KAiRi-748i-Reworks\missions\Common\LOADING\LOADING_FREEFLIGHT.JPG
      • 2) \KAiRi-748i-Reworks\missions\Common\LOADING\FreeFlight\LOADING_FREEFLIGHT.JPG

      Version 0.74

      • - (Improvement) Autopilot - Longitudinal stability about the glideslope approach improved.
      • - (Improvement) Autopilot - Airspeed control and accuracy improved.
      • - (Improvement) Autopilot - ILS auto-approach and landing performance improved.
      • - (Add) FMC - FMC COMM and PROG pages added.
      • - (Adjustment) Some flight characteristics adjusted.
      • - (Miscs) File size and version information revised.

      Version 0.73

      • (Fix) Wrong Cost Index address fixed. (FMC - Perf Init)
      • (Add) Version check page added in the FMC main menu.
      • (Add) UTC time added on Navigation Display.
      • (Adjustment) Waypoint information layout adjustment in Navigation Display.
      • (Adjustment) Some flight characteristics adjusted.

      Changelog - V.0.72

      • - (Improvement) Autopilot - Altitude control improved
      • - (Improvement) Autopilot - VS mode accuracy improved
      • - (Fix) Autopilot - Pitch Oscillation Behavior after update #7 Fixed (
      • - (Adjustment) Autopilot - Parameters of Longitudinal Attitude adjusted for update #7 (
      • - (Adjustment) New Fuel Consumption Parameters adjusted for testing
      • - (Adjustment) Some flight characteristics adjusted.

      Important 1 :

      Please use MODEN FLIGHT MODEL for my improved autopilot control model.

      If you don't use autopilot and flying VFR only, you don't need to change this options.

      You can check and change your flight model settings in OPTIONS - GENERALS - FLIGHT MODELS.

      Important 2 : 

      Please delete my previous 747-8i mod.

      The name of my previous 747-8i mod folders are started with ' KAiRi ' word.

      Important 3 : 

      I do not recommened to use another mod what related with 747-8i's FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS.

      Poor or Bad flight model or scripted attitude behavior can corrupted my autopilot control model's calculation (it is automatic calculation, not a scripted.)

      V.0.67 :

       - (Improvement) Additional autopilot accuracy and response, plus airplane stability (Nov 06. 2020)

      - (Adjustment) Flight chracteristics what related with longitudinal stability and attitude is adjusted

      - (Adjustment) Fuel consumption what related ferry range is adjusted. Now It almost matched for real-life data.

      - (Recalculated) Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption parameter is recalculated.

      - (Added) aircraft.cfg files added in MOD folder

      - (Added) small texture added for identify this MOD installation. 

      Now you can see the different words on the white sticker which is located on the left front side of cockpit windshield

      - (Changed) MOD folder name changed because of my 747-8i improvement states and progress was changed.

      v0.65 :

      (Improvement) Autopilot accuracy and stability (Nov 06. 2020)

       (Adjustment) Flight chracteristics

      v0.5 : 

      Autopilot and stability Improvemtent and Fix (Nov 01. 2020)

      - (Added) ai.cfg : Improvement and fix - Autopilot behavior and mechanism.

      No more pitch, dutch roll oscillation!!

      - (Changed) flight_model.cfg : Flight quality improvement.

      Taxing performance improvement. (HUGE)

      - (Changed) system.cfg : adjustment parameters for update #5

      - (Removed) aircraft.cfg

      - (Removed) cameras.cfg

      - (Removed)  gameplay.cfg


      Document : Alternative Flight Control in Civil Aviation

      Document : Common Agreement Document Boeing 747-8 Airport Compatibility Group (BACG)

      v0.35 : 

      Fix and adjust for Update #5 (

      - (Removed) ai.cfg : file removed for Asobo's update #5 (this provide new and adjusted autopilot PID controller)

      - (Changed) engine.cfg : some parameters adjusted for update #5

      - (Changed) flight_model.cfg : some parameters added and adjusted for update #5

      - (Changed) system.cfg : some parameters added for update #5

      - (Changed) 747_8I_INTERIOR.xml : some parameters added for update #5

      [Flight Models] - added in v0.2

       - Adjusted Pitch, Roll, Yaw maneuvering characteristics during Elevator, Aileron, Rudder control.

       - Improved Ground Taxing characteristics.

       - Fixed deflection angles of control surfaces (Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Spoiler).

       - Adjusted Structural Limit for vertical acceleration.

       - Improved control surface reaction time.

       - Adjusted lose of lift when spoiler deflected.

       - Adjusted drag coefficient from landing gears.

       - Adjusted pitch behavior for flap and spoiler.

       - Adjusted roll attitude stability for bank angle.

       - Oscillation behavior during pitch control was changed.

       - Damping characteristics during roll control was changed.

       - Flight characteristics of Legacy flight model has been adjusted as similar to Modern flight model. 

      [Start Conditions] - added in v0.2

       - Default value about autopilot setting changed to disabled when in-flight start conditions. (but, you can activate autopilot manually.)

      [Lightings] - added in v0.2

       - Adjusted brightness about Landing and Taxing lights.

       - Adjusted Front Taxing light angle on nose landing gear.

       - Adjusted Left/Right Taxing light angle on nose landing gear.

       - Now all Taxing light automatically disabled when landing gear retracted.

      How to Install

       1) Unzip files

       2) Copy the ' KAiRi - Boeing 747-8i Flight Characteristics and Autopilot Reworks ' folder into MSFS Community package folder. MSFS package folder is located in

      [Steam Version - Default]

      C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

      [Microsoft Store Version - Default]

      C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community

      Important : I recommend ' MODEN FLIGHT MODEL ' for using this mod, and please delete my previous 747-8i mod.

         The name of my previous 747-8i mod folders are started with ' KAiRi ' word.

      3. How to Uninstall

       - Just delete this MOD folder in your Community package folder.

      Credits : KAiRi


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