MSFS2020 - CYZF Yellowknife Airport Scenery, Canada - V.1.0 [HD]

Yellowknife is a large and buisy airport in the middle of the vast Canadian wildernes. The airport has both scheduled and heavy taxi, charter and cargo flights. CYZF plays an important role supporting living in NWT and beyound, and with ILS and instrument procedures you are nearly alway able to make a safe landing year around. Both the Canadian Airforce and the Royal Mounted Police use CYZF as a base.

In MSFS2020 CYZF and the region needed a heavy overhaul, go for a flight in the default version, before loading this version and you will se.

This scenery is created with MSFS SDK and stocks objects only, Just unzip and put the cyzf folder into your MSFS community folder.
This version will be updated according to SDK improvements, as the rest of my sceneries. 

Hope You'll enjoy Flying to Yellowknife / JP

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