Update! MSFS2020 - LFKJ Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport Scenery, France - V.1.5 [HD]

This first version contains a redesign of the parking lots and taxiways as well as a new satellite image (this one will be updated quickly because the cutout is not ideal) I would probably add 3D buildings later once the rest is stable and finished.

This is my first scene! Lot of work still to do, this is a work in progress, the project is at it's very begining!

In this first version i did some work on the parking and taxiway, i will probably add 3D building once the rest is stable and finish.


  • -Add missing Papi
  • -Fix taxiway lights
  • -Fix gate/jetway bug


  • -Fix sat image
  • -Change taxiway texture and general overlay
  • -Add Ga ramp
  • -Add fuel ramp


  • -Fix rnw start
  • -Add taxyway sign
  • -Add some scenery obj 


  • -Add fire station cutom model (my first !)
  • -Add ramp for Sécurité Civil on the east apron
  • -Replace some gen hangar to better fit real one while wainting for custom model
  • -Add several scenery obj (cone/car/fence/building ..etc..)


  • -Add custom control tower
  • -Add custom ground marking
  • -Add object scenery
  • -Fix missing ground on taxiway D2

    To install, place the two files from the archive in the community folder

    To install, place the two files in the archive in community

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    1. Hi there, I'm working on LFKJ too. May I share my work ? How to proceed ?

      1. Hi, contact msfsaddon@yandex.com


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