MSFS2020 - EPRG Lotnisko Rybnik-Gotartowice Airport Scenery - V.1.0 [HD]

Rybnik-Gotartowice Airport (ICAO code: EPRG) - a sports airport of Aero Club ROW in Rybnik, in the Gotartowice district with an landing area without artificial surface. Since 1969, it is entered in the airport register of the Civil Aviation Authority under item 11 (registration number 11).

Rybnik Gotartowice Airport is managed by the Aero Club of the Rybnik Coal District.

- Custom buildings
- added parking places.
- added models of airport vehicles
- added lighting
- airport phototexture has been added in ZL19 resolution

a. unpack the zip package
b. copy the "cmdesign-eprg" folder to the \ Community \ folder in the main game folder

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