Update! MSFS2020 - Grumman Goose G21A Redux II - Freeware Aircraft - V.0.9.9

  • Update for SU5 compatibility including the new FX! Very little remains apart from fixing the coding for the HSI and DME

  • Radio screens working, fixed HSI CDI and added TO/FROM indicator. Integrated invisible water rudder until Asobo fix differential thrust. All animations converted to new format and no legacy code remains in the Goose. Unfortunately have not updated LOD animations and so they are INOP until I get another spare weekend. This means that if you do any multiply flights then the other Goose may not animate correctly.

V.0.10.0 Update: 
Initial Release: The Goose is ALMOST Cooked

I am very proud to welcome you to the first release from Wookiee’s Hanger: “Grumman Goose G21A Redux II” for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This is a faithful and loving restoration and upgrade of the “Ozx Grumman G21A Goose HD Redux” which itself was a loving restoration and upgrade of the default Goose for FSX.

This release is also an Early Preview version and is not considered final. There will be things that may not be complete or working and if it not for the terrible terrible year that was 2020 I would hold off releasing at this point. But I want to bring a little joy to our community and I think she’s in a place to do just that. Whilst the full radio stack is mostly INOP, you can still do a complete and faithfull Cold and Dark start and complete short journey’s with her.

  • Update flight model to msfs standards
  • Update Yoke to use ModelBehaviour
  • Update Pedals to use ModelBehaviour
  • Fix anim on fuel pumps
  • Create basic pbr comp files for all liveries
  • Update all interior anims to new modelbehaviour template format
  • Convert original mdl to native gltf format
  • Upscale all liveries to 4k using AI Upscaler
  • Upscale other low res texture resources using AI Upscaler
  • First pass on exterior lighting
  • First pass on interior lighting
  • Transfer exterior lods from mdl to gltf
  • Remove unneeded external geo in interior model no longer needed with new technique of showing exterior with interior model
  • Adjust interior and exterior geometry to better fit together
  • Replace 2D radio stack with new 3D version
  • 3D Clock instrument
  • 3D Rudder trim wheel
  • 3D Attitude Indicator
  • 3D ADF instrument
  • 3D Flaps indicator
  • 3D Manifold Pressure
  • 3D RPM instrument
  • 3D Altimeter
  • 3D Suction instrument
  • 3D Radio alt instrument
  • 3D Fuel and oil temps instrument
  • 3D Annunciator lights
  • 3D Elelvator trim handle
  • 3D Airspeed instrument
  • 3D Compass
  • 3D VSI
  • 3D Turn coordinator
  • 3D CHT and Carb Temp instruments
  • 3D Ammeters
  • Annunciators tooltips
  • 3D HSI
Cold and Dark Start Checklist
  • Master Battery on co-pilot switch panel
  • Fuel Cutoff 1 & 2 ON (behind pilots head)
  • Mixture Rich
  • Prop Full
  • Throttle Cracked
  • Fuel Pump (overhead pilot or on Co-Pilot Switch)
  • Mags ON
  • Flip Starter right to start right engine
  • Adjust to 15" MP
  • Flip Starter left to start left engine
  • Adjust to 15" MP
File Size : 510 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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  1. the link is downloaded without any problem. Your own incompetence ...!

  2. Amazing mod for MSFS - I have flown this several times and can see that it is taking shape nicely. However, I would like to suggest that you drastically increase the resolution of the cockpit textures. As a casual sim pilot who does not take time to study cockpits, I need to be able to read text and instrument labels in order to get myself acquainted with an aircraft. In the Goose, the text often requires extreme camera translation to read or is downright illegible. Looking up and to the rear of the cockpit, the user sees multiple elements that are too pixelated to be discernible.

    While I will certainly continue using this mod, it is my personal opinion that cockpit resolution is one of the - if not the only - downfalls with this mod.

    Thank you for putting time into this project. I cannot wait for what is to come next.

  3. No he's right, I had the same problem. Some site wanting to install a shady Chrome extension. But after retrying it for a couple of times it started to download the plane, thankfully.

    Thanks for the Goose!

  4. goose não decola derrapa na pista

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello friends
    Radios not working? or am I not sure how to do it?
    Thank you

  7. Something is still off with this aircraft, when flying around 8,000ft through medium to heavy clouds it goes into an uncontrolled spin into the ground.

  8. Excellent job with aircraft , only the engine sound is not throttled, keep up the good work !


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