Update! MSFS2020 - PMP Airbus A330-300 Realistic Sound Mod Pack - V.1.4

This is a realistic sound mod for the a330.

This soundmod includes realistic spools, custom startup sounds, custom gear lever sounds and more. 

Version 1.4
  • -fixed no sound issue
  • -added new auto pilot disconnect warnings
  • -added new stall sounds
    Version 1.3
    • This update brings new exterior sounds.
    • Higher quality sounds have been added and the sounds have been lowered as people said that it was too loud.
    • Interior has been updated too but not as much as the exterior.
    • The spool pitch has been increased to make it sound more realistic.
      Version 1.2.1
      • Minor Bug Fixes
      • Also read description (Very Important announcement)
        Version 1.2
        • completely removed spool stutters
          Version 1.1
          • New quality sounds have been added.
          How to install?

          • Community folder

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