Update! MSFS2020 - LGSM Samos Aristarchos Int'l Airport Scenery, Greece - V.1.2 [4K]

This is Samos Aristachos Int'l Airport. The airport is named after Aristarchos of Samos, an ancient Greek astronomer, and mathematician, and lies within 5 km of the nearby town of Pythagorio. The airport features a single short runway serving both arrivals and departures. The airport's surroundings leave little room for error or mistake on the behalf of the pilots – with nearby mountains and sea at the end of the short runway. There are often strong Meltemi winds blowing from the north during the summer months which further contribute to the difficulty of the landing. Samos is famous for the approach into runway 09, where pilots have to use visual landmarks to navigate to the runway and make a sharp right turn on a very short final. Try it!

Version 1.2
  • -New custom tower added to the terminal (sorry for the delay)
  • -Corrected the color of the terminal
  • -Made correction to the Terminal's colors
  • -Lights on the apron should show up now
  • -Fixed the moving boarding stairs
  • -Corrected the runway start points

Just Drag & Drop the "lgsm" folder into your MSFS "Community" folder. Do not drag & drop the entire zip!

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