Update! MSFS2020 - GO Pilot VFR Map App - V.0.4.0

The GoPilot is just another browser-based VFR map for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS2020).

  • VFR Map
  • with maps from OpenStreetMap, Stamen Design, Mapbox and Bing Maps
  • a HUD displaying some vital/basic information
  • a simple map marker
  • Teleport Service
  • Pick a point on the map, select the desired altitude, heading and airspeed and off you go

  • Unzip, run gopilot.exe and browse to http://localhost:8888 (or: http://your-ip-address:8888)
Unzip, run gopilot.exe and browse to http://localhost:8888 (or: http://whatever-your-ip-address-may-be:8888)

  • Add airport finder (based on data from OurAirports)
  • Remove packed data to decrease size of executable
  • Minor improvements/adjustments
    • Add new maps and overlays
    • Add leaflet scale control
    • Add functionality to toggle fullscreen mode
    • Minor improvements, adjustments and fixes
      • Update to simconnect-go v0.3.0
      • Embed assets and DLL in executable
      • Add option to set data request interval via command line arguments (default: 250ms)
      VFR Map Options
      The VFR map comes with a bunch of options (URL Parameters) which can be specified in the address bar.

      The format is as follows:

      Or a combination of multiple options:

      List of available options:

      dms_coords=true|false display latitude/longitude coordinates in DMS format (Degrees Minutes Seconds) (default: true)
      hud=<true|false> hide the HUD if you don't like it (default: true)
      layer_control=true|false hide the layer control if you don't need it (default: true)
      strip_title=true|false remove "Asobo" from the plane's type name (default: false)
      units=<true|false> hide the units in the HUD if you think it's not necessary (default: true)
      watermark=true|false display a watermark in the right bottom corner (default: false)
      watermark_size=<value> specify the watermark's size (default: 128px). 128px/128em/128 will result in different sizes.
      watermark_url=<url> specify the url of the watermark (default: load a placeholder)
      watermark_position=bottomright|bottomleft|topleft|topright set the watermark's position (default: bottomright)
      zoom_control=true|false hide the zoom control if you think it's ugh (default: true)
      plane_size=<number> specifiy the size of the plane (default: 64)
      plane_opacity=<decimal> specify the plane's opacity as a decimal value (default: 1.0)
      plane_style=black|gray|green|white set the plane's color (default: white)
      open_in=<google|bing> open a marked spot in either Google Maps or Bing Maps (default: google)
      marker_event=click|dblclick|contextmenu specify the mouse event with which the map marker is placed (default: click)
      mapbox_token=<token> use your own Mapbox token since the one provided is limited
      bing_key=<key> usw your own Bing Maps key since the one provided is also limited
      Note: Boolean parameters can be entered as true or false, 1 or 0, yes or no.



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