MSFS2020 - LSZR LSZR - St. Gallen Airport Scenery, Switzerland - V.1.0 [4K]

St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport (IATA: ACH, ICAO: LSZR) is a small airport in Altenrhein in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland near Lake Constance. It is the home base for People's airline.

Version 1.1
  • - Fluctuations in frames have been fixed (No stutters while taxing, taking off...)
  • - More Details
  • - Animated People, Animals, Boats, Cars...
  • - Real light effects
  • - Better environment
  • - Buildings with high resolution
  • - Water is more realistic
At the end of World War II, Swiss authorities identified existing locations that were to be modernized as regional airports, a second tier of infrastructure to support the primary urban airports, with St. Gallen-Altenrhein being one of the five.

Austrian Airlines served St. Gallen-Altenrhein from Vienna since 2003 when it took over the route from Rheintalflug, a predecessor of InterSky. The airport decided to terminate the contracts with Austrian in 2011 and started their own airline, People's (formerly People's Viennaline), to serve the route. Austrian decided to continue the route as well in direct competition. As a result, there were up to six daily flights from the small airport to Vienna during that period. In spring 2013, Austrian announced the termination of their route to Vienna due to continuing losses as a result of the harsh competition. After that, People's offered a codeshare agreement to Austrian, which they declined.

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