[Simulator News] Orbx Releases Bastia-Poretta Airport for MSFS

First announced just about a week ago, Orbx has recently taken to their forums to announce the release of their rendition of Bastia-Porreta Airport (LKFB), an idyllic airport on the island of Corsica, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The scenery has been developed by Orbx’s developer Matteo Veneziani who’s given a particular attention to the landside part of the airport which has been recreated to a high level of detail, as mentioned in the announement post.

Other than that, the scenery offers custom static aircraft, complete PBR texture implementation, custom ground poly for complete accuracy as well as the most recent terminal expansion. Furthermore, the scenery features accurate ground markings as well as a sloped runway. The complete feature list can be found below, in the article.

The scenery can be purchased through the Orbx website, or services, for approximately €15.50.

Bastia Poretta Airport (LFKB) is an international airport serving the idyllic island of Corsica, France located just south of France and west of Italy. The airport sees traffic mainly throughout the season though there are some routes operated all year round. In addition, it is a base for coastguard and firefighting aircraft.

Feature List
Highly detailed rendition of Bastia-Poretta Airport
Custom ground poly (projected mesh) for complete accuracy
Innovated dynamic lighting techniques
Custom GSE & static aircraft
Incredibly detailed airside & landside areas
Complete PBR textures
From developer Matteo Veneziani

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