Update! MSFS2020 - Flight Sim Tool App - V.

  • Added some undocumented SimEvents thanks to karlo922
  • Added SimVar functionality to Press/Release joystick events.
  • Fixed a bug in the SimVar handling code.
This is a small VB.Net app that uses SimConnect to map HID joystick events to SimConnect events and/or keystrokes. I developed it for use with my new Honeycomb Bravo throttle quadrant, but it should be useable with any HID compliant joystick/yoke/throttle/gamepad.

This little app uses SimConnect to continuously read position data from MSFS2020. Meh I hear you say, so what - lots of far more capable apps out there that'll do that. Ahh true but despite lots of searching I have not yet found one that will allow me to instantly slew my aircraft to any position on the globe. Hence this project was born.

Update for v0.5.0 - The above is no longer true, there are now many utilities that provide slewing functions available but that is no longer the primary purpose for this app. However I have left it in because I still use it in conjunction with one of my favourite FS companion apps - LittlNavMap.

Installation is really simple. You only have to download the zip file and then un-zip it anywhere you like. Double click on FS_Tool.exe to run the app. It will sit there waiting for a connection to the sim and show the connected status in the title bar. The "Slew" button will not be enabled until the app is connected to the sim.

How To Use
Pretty simple really - tell it a geographic coordinate and push the "Slew" button.

There are two ways to give it a position.

Type it in to the two text boxes, Latitude and Longitude.
Copy a position to the clipboard and then click the "Copy From Clipboard" button.
As long as it's able to parse the position string the "Slew" button will be enabled - click it and voila.

The position parser currently understands the format from Google maps as well as all the formats from LittleNavMap.

It's pretty cool - right click anywhere on the LNM map and select "More->Copy nnnn yyyy to clipboard", then click the "Copy From Clipboard" button in this app followed by "Slew" and watch the magic.

All the other parameters in the plane remain at their pre-slew values - speed, height and heading.

Bonus Function
There is also a secondary function available which will allow you to change the simulation rate from x1 to x8. This can be done from the main form or from the Tray Icon context menu.

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