[Simulator News] MSFS Development Update (14.01.21)

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Team have posted another weekly update on their own website.

In the last update, it was mentioned that they were working on the landscape spikes that occurred after the last simulator update. Now, the developers have expressed that they have found out the cause, and are working now to rectify the bug through thorough testing.

The team also conveyed that they are postponing the next Feature Discovery video on Aerodynamics. To maintain quality, they still need to make a few edits, and aim to have it released within the coming week.

The development update also introduced two members of the team, Jayne and Alex, who are both community managers. The full interview can be accessed via the MSFS website.

  • Asset wizards will be added to the Project Editor. They will provide a way to create packages without having to manually create or copy asset files. The first one to come will be the Airport Wizard.
  • We continue to improve the Visual Effects Editor.
  • A new feature in the Scenery Editor will soon allow you to rename, group and reorder the objects in the Scene list, for a more flexible and organized hierarchy system.
  • We are working on a notification system to keep you informed of our latest releases directly in the DevMode.
  • Some security weaknesses in the WASI layer that were reported have been fixed.

The creator community was incredibly productive during the last few weeks as an additional 121 products have been released on the platform since December. In total, 451 add-ons are now available and there are new and delightful announcements every single day. An additional 131 projects have been announced and we know of another 137 unannounced projects from 3rd parties. In total, there are 719 add-ons that are either released or an in production.

As this is far more content than we expected to see after only 5 months in market, we recently hired two additional team members to help with the ingestion process and to ensure that new add-ons are available in our marketplace as soon as possible.

  • 324 airports (+39) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 101 airports (+4) are already in our in-sim store.
  • 61 airports (-4) beyond the released airports have been announced.
  • 167 airports (+46) are not announced but in dev based on information from 3rd parties.
  • 15 aircraft (+0) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 7 aircraft (+0) are already in our in-sim store.
  • 67 aircraft (+0) beyond the released airplanes have been announced.
  • 37 aircraft (+14) are not announced but in dev based on information from 3rd parties.
  • 111 scenery add-ons (+5) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 10 scenery add-ons (+0) are already in our in-sim store.
  • 3 scenery add-ons (-+0) have been announced.
High-End Aircraft:
  • Aerosoft is putting the final touches on the impressive CRJ and we are looking forward to welcoming this cool plane on the platform very soon.
  • DC Designs is releasing their F-15 later this month and we cannot wait to try it out. The team also announced several other great aircraft for 2021.

As the community has asked us to work with the teams at Working Title and Fly By Wire (and Saltys and others), we have intensified our communication with these teams and continue to be very impressed. The know-how and dedication of these teams is just awesome and we are increasingly confident that we will be able to deepen this collaboration. We hope to share more during the community stream later this month.

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