MSFS2020 - Increase Trees Draw Distance [FIX]

Update: Version 1.7.4 includes a hotfix for an oversize tree bug.

When the new Microsoft Flight Simulator was released, many of us remember it had much greater trees draw distance. After the first patches, the community around MSFS noticed a clear decrease in trees draw distance. There has been a lot of discussion about this issue on the official MSFS Forums. To this date, not Microsoft neither Asobo Studio, have admitted any autogen draw distance change. Click both images below for original sizes to see the difference.

(Before - After)

This mod increases all the trees and vegetation draw distance up to 10 nautical miles, with a bit shorter, more realistic trees height. With the Terrain Level of Detail value set to 125, the trees draw distance goes up to 8.5 nautical miles. At first, set the Trees to Ultra, if there’s an impact on performance, you can adjust the slider to High or lower. Uninstall any other tree fix or mod before install. Install is easy, just unzip into your Community folder. If there are any issues, just delete its folder to revert back to the default draw distances.

  • Unzip into your Community folder.

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  1. you are an angel keep doing these amazing addons which can improve remarquably our simming experience


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