MSFS2020 - Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 700 FPS Performance Improvement Mod - V.1.0

This file turns off some screens in the CRJ 700-cockpit:

  • - both skycams
  • - first officers main screens
  • - first officers clock/timer
  • - first officers radio frequency tuner

this saves a bunch of fps!

How to install:

1. go to: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020\[Your Package File]\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_700\panel (this file may be in the community folder, instead of the official folder if you downloaded the crj directly from aerosoft.)

2. make a backup of the original panel.cfg file

3. replace the original file with the new one

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