MSFS2020 - LetsFly Freeware Flight Planning Tool App - V.1.0


LetsFly is a proof of concept flight planning utility AND very much in BETA.  
Feedback and ideas are welcome, but keep in mind it's free so you get what you pay for.

I basically wanted a utility that could create interesting random flight plans 
using user-defined parameters. Easily explore new areas, or quickly find a short 
flight within X miles.  It may grow into something more; perhaps a 
mission builder, flight tracking and performance grading, etc.  We'll see.

LetsFly is not a full fledged flight planner you will need to use other tools
for detailed flight planning.  LetsFly will give you a possible "journey" how
you plan the trip is up to you.

The airport database actually has 57000+ airports and is provided from 
Big thanks to them for making their incredible airport data public!  The data was then cross checked 
with MSFS2020 and compatible airports identified.  Ended up being around 24,000 airports.  This database
may change in the future, but it works for this proof of concept.  May look at pulling the data
from the sim, and expanding compatible sims down the road.  

Feel free to edit 'favorites.txt' adding your favorite airports for arrival/departure.  One
line per Ident, must stay in app folder.  

LetsFly is a proof of concept for a unique flight planning utility.
It’s a flight planner for the times you ask yourself; Where should I fly today?
I primarily made it for myself but thought others might find it handy as well. I seemed to get stuck doing the same routes all the way back to FSX. Using this I have explored a lot more areas, which is really cool with this amazing scenery.

LetsFly is a simple utility for creating interesting random flight plans using user-defined search parameters. Explore new areas, find a flight within a user defined range, find the shortest grass runway in a location to test your skills. Easily save your favorite flight plans, or get detailed information about the airport including weather.

Available Search Parameters:

    Location: Continent / Country / Region / Random
    Range - Within Min and Max nautical miles
    Airport Size: Small, Medium, Large, etc.
    Runway Type: Concrete, Grass, etc.
    Required Airport Length - Min & Max
    Fuel Available
    Available Landing Systems: ALS, VASI, ILS

LetsFly is not a full fledged flight planner and you will need to use other tools for detailed flight planning. LetsFly will give you a possible “journey” how you plan the trip is up to you. All airports should plug into MSFS2020 without an issue, and you can setup your flight from there (VFR/IFR, etc).

Easy to install: Just drag the folder (in the ZIP) to where you would like. Please be sure to have the latest .NET runtime installed. Windows 10 x64 compatible. Please be aware this is an early beta, and may contains bugs.

  •     Minor bug fixes
  •     Removed beta time out
Pre Reqs:  Microsoft .NET Runtime 4.7.2  (install if you don't have latest)

  •   Copy the LetsFly folder in the ZIP file to your prefered location. 
  •   Then run LetsFly.EXE, create a shortcut if you like.

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