MSFS2020 - Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Freeware Aircraft - V.0.1.1

Worked on this for 8-10 hours a day since the day Flight Simulator released. This is by no means a finished product, but a work in progress. I have no team... just one person here.

The flight model and engine specs are based on my own research of the Raptor and similar aircraft like the F-16 and older fighters. I am not a pilot, so I make no guarantees that this aircraft functions like the real thing. It is extremely fun to fly though. High speeds close to ground level really taxes my machine, but lowering the graphics settings usually fixes any dropped frames or studdering.

Please don't submit issues yet. I'm considering this pre-alpha and have a lot of work to do yet to where I'm happy with it. At this time, I decided that it's just too fun to keep it to myself.

Known bugs/limitations:

Remember that turbulance becomes a real pain at high speeds. Per the specs for the F-22 listed on wikipedia and the Lockheed Martin pages, keep speeds within these guidelines for the best performance:

Below FL300 - Less than Mach 1.2
Between FL300 - Less than Mach 1.8
Above FL450 - Between Mach 1.8 and Mach 2.2
If the roll rate in the flight model is increased to a realistic level for a figter, at max roll the jet goes to a 30+ degree AoA and stalls. Bug seems to be MSFS related as I've tried all different combinations of settings and can't keep it from loosing control. I have it set to a lower roll rate to keep it managable.

For lower-end graphics cards (Mine's a 1070Ti) you may see artifacts in the HUD text when moving. If that's the case, set Anti-Aliasing to anything except TAA(which is default).

TODO/Work in progress:

Need to start incorperating more controls into the cockpit and start arranging everything to match the F-22 correctly. I plan on keeping the G3000 and altering it to a design that looks similar to the F-22. A complete nav system rework for it is more than a one person job.

I have no idea if the flight computer on the real aircraft could process flight plans for autopilot(most likely not), but I plan on incorperating it into it for a more enjoyable experience.

I plan on taking the EFIS from the G3000 and incoperating it into the HUD. I'll change the color from white to green and shrink it to fit the HUD correctly. Also need to redesign the HUD to properly resemble the dimensions of the one on the real aircraft.

Landing gear - the front wheel turns when turning the aircraft, but the wheels don't rotate when the aircraft is moving on the ground. I'm placing that on the backburner until the more major problems are fixed.

Textures need created for the underside of the aircraft. I just copied the one I created for the top. I also need to create textures for the inside of the VTails as I just copied the ones I made for the outsides.

3D model needs some more rework. Tires need to be flattened and not look like baloons. Creases need to be added to the underside of the wings. Creases need to be added for gear bay doors.


Autopilot PID values need readjusted for Pitch and Roll. Pitch shakes the aircraft like crazy when above Mach 1.2 below FL300 and above Mach 1.8 above FL300. Roll oscillates above FL450. Will be an easy fix, but time-consuming.


12/28 - Further increased pitch and roll stability. 12/30 - Added HUD Functionality. 12/31 - Cleaned up HUD. 12/31-2 - Forgot to clean up debug scripts.

Do not expect full performance as this plug-in is under development.

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