MSFS2020 - Airbus A330-300 Freeware Aircraft [Working Cockpit] - V.0.4.0


Serving the biggest megacities and smallest dream islands alike, Airbus’ A330-300 continues to please passengers and airlines around the world. As a twin-engine twin-aisle wide-body that can carry from 250 to 440 passengers, it is flexible enough to offer a range of seating options while consistently delivering high-quality comfort to all those on board. Its cabin also is one of the quietest in the skies, creating a calm environment for an entire flight.

A330-300 merged with a320 cockpit

  • 10 liveries added.
  • Modern flight model
  • Real physics
  • Ground services correctly: stairs, fuel and pushback.
  • Full aircraft lighting.
  • System FLYBYWIRE.
  • Complete autopilot systems.

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