MSFS2020 - Australia 8K A32NX Livery Pack - V.1.0 [8K]

Adds the: Ansett Australia, Jetstar Australia, Jetstar Jaffa Australia, Qantas Link, Rex Airlines, Tiger Airlines and Virgin Austrlia liveries to the FBW A32NX

Livery Authors: 
  • Ansett Australia: vLegion_
  • Jetstar Australia: vLegion_
  • Jetstar Jaffa Australia: vLegion_
  • Rex Airlines: SmearyGrain
  • Qantas Link: vLegion_
  • Tiger Airlines: vLegion_
  • Virgin Austrlia: vLegion_
  • Edits made to original files made by Storm Tuber 

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