Update! MSFS2020 - Boeing C-17 Globemaster Improvement Mod - V.1.2

That means that i changed a lot of things from the cfg files.

-The virtual flight model now matches the 3d model.

-Correct weight, thrust, geometry, aerodynamics, etc...

-fixed some lights.

I filled the data with what i could find on the internet, but some values i had to invent, like moment of inertia, axis stability, etc..Knowing that a C17 is more agile than a 747.

Landing gear clips a little through the ground, however, that is necessary, since that way the rotation contact point when taking off and landing is the actual wheel and not a virtual one.


-Ground steering is a bit weird.

-I dont know where exactly is the contact point for a tail strike.

-The virtual cockpit is higher than the actual cockpit location since it came from a 747, so keep that in mind when landing.

-Take off and landing speeds are a bit too fast.

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