[Simulator News] Aerosoft Reveals CRJ Release Date (MSFS2020)

Aerosoft has today, as promised through their forums in the past days, announced the date of the long-awaited release of their rendition of CRJ’s for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The development of the aircraft is highly-anticipated within the community as it is expected to be the first payware airliner for the new simulator.

The release date was set to Tuesday March 16, 2021, exactly two weeks ahead of today. Upon release, the CRJ 550 and 700 variants will be available. Further expansions adding more variants will be available later on.

As previously stated in earlier articles, the addon will cost will cost €42 with VAT excluded while the expansion featuring the CRJ900/1000 will cost €16.75 with VAT excluded. The CRJ900/1000 expansion will require the base package to be installed on the system. The product will be released at the same time on the Aerosoft website as well as in the in-game Marketplace.

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