[Simulator News] Orbx Publishes 2021 Product Roadmap

Orbx, one of the leading flight simulation addon developers, has today taken to their forums to publish their product roadmap for this year. In a rather long post, Orbx has announced a plethora of products enhancing the default city landscapes (Landmarks City Packs), a few regional packs, and a bunch of airport sceneries as well as the first aircraft addon to be released by the team.

At first, eleven sceneries enhancing the default cityscapes in Microsoft Flight Simulator were announced. In addition to the ones compatible with the new platform, one was announced for Prepar3D. All city packs that are scheduled to be released this year are:

  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Honolulu, Oahu, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Mumbai, India
  • Panama Canal and Panama City
  • Yokohama, Japan
  • Cityscape Sydney for P3D

Being a new thing on the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform, Orbx has announced, that they intend on bringing some of their regional packs to the simulator this year. These include: Canary Islands, Northern England, and Scotland.

Additionally, Orbx has announced, that TrueEarth Eastern Alps for Prepar3D is scheduled to be released this year together with openLC Asia, and TrueEarth Southern Spain for X-Plane 11.

Eight airport sceneries developed by Orbx are scheduled to be released this year with extra six developed by third-party developers. The airports are, for example, Hollywood Burbank (KBUR) for X-Plane 11, Split Airport (LDSP) for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator, or Prague Airport (LKPR) for Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Of course, a complete list of the airports can be seen below:

  • KBOI Boise International (P3D)
  • KBUR Hollywood Burbank (XPL)
  • KCRW Chuck Yeager (MSFS)
  • KPBI Palm Beach (P3D & MSFS)
  • LDSP Split Airport (P3D & MSFS)
  • LIEO Olbia (XPL)
  • LKPR Prague (P3D & MSFS)
  • VTSP Phuket International (P3D)
  • KAVX Catalina for MSFS (Ken & Tim)
  • ENTO Torp for P3D (Finn)
  • KVNY Van Nuys for P3D & MSFS (Matteo)
  • LIPH Treviso for MSFS (Matteo)
  • SBSP São Paulo for MSFS (Matteo)
  • ESSB Stockholm Bromma for MSFS & P3D (Marcus)

Being the first aircraft addon to be developed by Orbx, the Edgley Optica is an aircraft designed for low speed observation work providing the passengers with a 270 degrees panoramic vision.

No release dates were mention for either of the products mentioned earlier in the article. The developers though stated that this roadmap will “keep them busy in the next little while“.

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