Update! MSFS2020 - Captain Sim 777-200ER Physics Improvement Mod - V.0.9.2a

This file does not alter anything visually with the CS 777-200ER, it literally fixes the issues with the planes weight, fuel load, fuel tank capacities, range, engine thrust and will be developed further over time.


  • Small changes to see if they remove reports of stutters while using the mod.
    • Altered systems.cfg to change Autopilot maximum decent speeds. Should not descend at more than 6000fpm.
    Removed contrail fix from package as this has now been rectified by Captain Sim. Please ensure you have v1.0.0.4 installed prior to adding this mod.

    Amended the Flight_Model.cfg file to accommodate the opening doors.

    Changed some bits in the Target_Performance.cfg file to see if we can slowly start to iron out the rapid climb at the beginning of the flight.

    I am starting to think that VNAV is the issue, which is not something I can control as I am not working on the FMS systems which control VNAV climb etc. The issue appears that the VNAV will power the plane more than it needs to to achieve the climb, without actually watching it's vertical speed.

    If you climb using FLC, Vertical speed climb and set a speed of 250-260, the plane will climb in line with the documented ROC and performance for the aircraft.

    Changed the Fuel burn scalar on feedback. Should now burn fuel at a more realistic rate.
    Contrails added to aircraft
    Further tweaking of taxiing and ground behaviours
    Improved beacon lighting
    Amended flaps settings, they now match each other and no longer reflect 747 flaps.
    Amendments to flight responses. (Work in progress)

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