Update! MSFS2020 - Cessna 172 Amphibian Freeware Aircraft - V.1.5.0

Sea landing : 
Be gentle when landing on sea (as much as on ground), try not to bounce or you may crash.
Check the gear indicator on the float through the window : gear have to be retracted for sea landing.
Cockpit has not been modified, so you will find no gear lever, and no water rudder lever : use shortcuts/buttons (ctrl+w is the default for water rudders)
That's sad, but water rudders are currently useless in the game : they have no effect at all on water.

Version 1.5.0

  • - use new WT1000 NXI system (SU10 update required)

Version 1.4.2
  • differential braking, thanks to RALF9636
  • two new liveries given by Ann0v :
  • I-GNHR livery
  • I-GDRX livery
Version 1.4.0
New features :
  • - Use of Asobo's C172 interiors models in both G1000 and classic models :
  • - Landing gear lever and indicator
  • - water rudder lever
Fixes :
  • - Fixed the blank transponder in classic model
  • - Use of the Asobo's flight model on water
    Version 1.3.0
    • - water sounds on water
    • - new landing effects (dirt, snow, grass, water...) thanks to Carbonprop
    • - Flight dynamics landing on water is now less clunky
    • - wendy texture rework thanks to AIRPAC1
    • - prop side bug with taxi lights corrected thanks to PopS738
    • - pilots and interior do not disappear out of the plane anymore

    Ground landing : 
    Water rudders have to be retracted (there is no visible indicator in cockpit currently)
    Steering on ground should be operated with differential breaking (breaking left or right). I have not disabled rudder control, so you can still use it.
    Mod Creator : Bagolu
    File Size : 220 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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