Update! MSFS2020 - NZMF Milford Sound Airport Scenery, New Zealand - V.2.5 ORBX DEM 1.01 [4K]

Milford Sound Airport (IATA: MFN, ICAO: NZMF) is a small but very busy (in terms of flight movements) airport in Milford Sound, in New Zealand's Fiordland region of the South Island. It is mainly used by tourist / flightseeing operators.

The Airport is located in the village Milford Sound located at the head of the fiord Milford Sound. It serves the Milford Sound tourism industry including boats, kayaks, Milford Track, as well as the fishing boats based at Milford Sound. It stands at the head of the fiord at the junction of the Cleddau and Arthur rivers.

These add-ons and materials have been added to our page with the written permission and request of the mod maker.

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                • +update the scenery for work with SU8
                • +add some static model, like death trees, rocks
                • +add materials


                • +Update the NO DEM version from 1.8 to 2.3
                • +fix texture problem on some model
                • +made new texture for the little house near heli pad
                • +fix other things


                • +add and model the "Milford Sound Boat Ramp" with:
                • -port quay with parking for amphibious aircraft (choose parking W, like Water)
                • -fishing boat provide by Henrik Nielsen's Global AI Ship Traffic 
                • -kayak rental model
                • -dinghy mercury marine
                • -rocks and light pole
                • +add rocks/cliff to the mesh in the fiord
                • +fix height layer
                • +fix tree layer


                • +orbx dem compatibility
                • +fix height layer
                • +fix tree layer
                • +add cruise harbor 3d model


                • +fix all the height area in according with the NEW ZEALAND MESH by Mikeaat
                • +fix trees area
                • +add 3 heli pad GATE H
                • +add beacons flash red lights


                • +fix some height area
                • +fix some high peak like Mitre
                • +fix snow layer
                • +add snow on civil road
                • +model and texturing a new main building
                • +fix some height area
                • +remove the bench near the taxiway in according with some new video
                • +fix some materials layers to have more blend with the snow


                • + model and add helicopter manin fuel station near hangar
                • + other retouch on scenary


                • + model and add crowd Control Barrier
                • + correct helicopter model position near the runway
                • + change main bulding model and texture
                • + correct some track sign on apron and heli parking


                • add 6 helicopter model
                • add new fence
                • add little wood house near heli pad
                • fix some poligon height on mountain


                • After last patch, (USA update) Asobo has decide to change the mesh mountain around Milford. There are again worst, but less worst of the first Asobo version. This, combined with the changes that I had made, has produced a disaster. So I had to redo all the profiles of the mountains using only the damn rectangles, an infamous job.
                • Model two new fence in according with the airport photo found online
                • Model and add the helicopter correct hangar
                • Remove all the light from airport
                • Add civil road around the airport


                • Redone the fences inserted the most correct vegetation possible
                • Reconstructed the headlands of runway 11 and 29improved mesh relative to fjord mountains
                • Inserted the meshes relating to the rocks emerging from the waterremade the edges of the sea
                File Size : 360 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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