[Simulator News] Aerosoft Announces Simple Traffic for MSFS

Aerosoft has recently gone to their forums to announce their work on the Simple Traffic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement was made by the root admin Mathijs Kok. The announcement revealed some core features and development information of this particular add-on.

According to Mathijs Kok, this add-on has just two jobs. These are to show the correct liveries and aircraft on the correct traffic routes between suitable airports. That means you shouldn’t see for example Southwest Airlines in European skies. Simple Traffic will also optimize frame rate by using the lowest polygon versions of the default AI models of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer thinks that detailed models of AI traffic make it hard for complex scenery and super accurate aircraft to get enough resources.

It has been mentioned that for now, that is all Simple Traffic will do. It is not their final AI traffic tool, however, for many technical reasons, this is not easy to complete according to the developer. The add-on will cost €12.50 and will be available through the Aerosoft store soon.

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