Update! MSFS2020 - LSZS Saint Moritz - Samedan Airport Scenery, Switzerland - V.2.5 [4K]

These add-ons and materials have been added to our page with the written permission and request of the mod maker.

Version 2.5

    Version 2.4
    • Fix
      Version 2.3
      • +add new stable building
      • +add horse and hay sheaf around the airport in according with google maps street view
      • +other little fix
        Version 2.2
        • +add the new Swiss Air Force hangar (an open hangar with doors animations) for spawn inside choose Gate M 1 Parking
        • +add 2 parking for glider, near the 21 (N Ramp 1 and N Ramp 2)
        • +add 4 parking for heli, Ramp 1 H, Ramp 2 H, Ramp 3 H, Ramp 4 H
          Version 2.1 (Big Update)
          • +remove the classic white horizontal signs from runway, and replace by more real one. (no more white clean sign!)
          • +add heli sign on runway
          • +add stable building near the last hangar
          • +add vertical signage at main entrance of airport
          • +add GA Large parking with ramp connection, baggage ecc ecc
          • +add resturant near the 26 approch visible during final on left
          • +fix river height layer and shaders
          • +other little things and fix
            Version 2.0
            • +change snow cover on asphalt
            • +fix windsock bug direction
            • +add ATIS and SAMEDAN INFORMATION frequencies
              Version 1.9
              • +model and texuring the San Gian Church, visible in short final on RW03
                Version 1.8
                • +re-texuring all main hangar adding more detail, and better resolution textures
                • +add window emissive texture
                • +increse the height layer in according with some DEM publisher (not sure they are compatible 100%)
                  Version 1.7
                  • +re-texuring to Main Apron, control tower, border and office building 
                  • +add light effect to windows
                  • +build new control tower
                  • +change priority on heigh layer
                  Version 1.6
                  • +re-texuring 3 building (Helibernina area)
                  • +working on taxiway, apron and runway shaders to obtain a more realistic effect with the snow
                  • +remove the snow piles around taxiways and runway due to mesh problem on this in "no snow condition"
                    Version 1.4
                    • +fixed modellib-bgl (see https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/scenery-creators-please-move-or-rename-your-modellib-bgl/307563)
                    • +add glider cover
                    • +add de-ice vehicle (static)
                      Version 1.3
                      • + add Helicopter on helibernina pad
                      • + add lights to runway and taxiwway due to request receive
                      • +model and place 2 different type of fence instead the default. now is more close to the real
                      • +insert the LOJI glider truck model with different number
                      • +add antenna in the airport glider zone
                      • +add playground wood area near the apron

                      Version 1.1
                      • +Model and add the railway station visible on RW 03 Final

                      Samedan Airport (IATA: SMV, ICAO: LSZS), also known as Engadin Airport, is a regional airport in Samedan in the Engadin valley of Switzerland, 5 km from St. Moritz.
                      At the end of World War II, Swiss authorities identified existing locations that were to be modernized as regional airports, a second tier of infrastructure to support the primary urban airports, with Samedan being one of the five.

                      FacilitiesThe airport has one runway designated 03/21 with an asphalt pavement measuring 1800 x 40 metres (5905 x 130 ft).[1][2][3] Because of its location at the bottom of a valley, it is not equipped with an instrument landing system.

                      OperationsAt an elevation of 1,707 metres (5,600 ft), it is the highest airliner airport in Europe (with Courchevel being the highest for STOL aircraft only). It is also considered one of the most challenging airports in the world because of its difficult topography and winds, and because of the thinness of the air at its altitude.

                      The airport does not have any scheduled passenger flights (the nearest such airports are Lugano, 185 km/115 mi and Zürich, 220 km/135 mi distance by road). Much of its traffic consists of light to heavy general aviation traffic, including many private-corporate jets, private propeller aircraft, and the fleet of Swiss Jet. One of the biggest planes seen there, more often than not, is the HK Co.'s 737-200 or the A319. The takeoff generally requires the spooling up of engines, with brakes on, to minimize the time on the runway while maximizing as much speed possible. This technique is generally performed by bigger aircraft, with heavier payload.
                      Mod Creator : Sergio Del Rosso

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