Update! MSFS2020 - MSFS HudBar Plugin - V.0.33

Display essential Information as Bar or Tile at any side of the primary screen or as Window anywhere you like
  • Displays essential aircraft and flight information as Bar or Tile
  • Supports 1 and 2 engine aircrafts (Prop/Engine RPM, FuelFlow for each)
  • Provides 5 different content profiles which are fully configurable
  • The pilot can directly activate Autopilot commands
  • Auto Elevator Trim on a click
  • Bottom/Top Bars work best with wide screen monitors
Best is to start MSFS first, then the Bar
  • Start MSFS2020 first and once the Main Menu is shown
  • Start FS20_HudBar.exe
  • It attempts to connect to the Flight simulator in 5 sec intervals, but shows an error message while it cannot connect
  • Note: the shown values are a bit meaningless until the aircraft and flight is live Also note that the bar is shown on the ++PRIMARY monitor++ at the bottom of the screen

V 0.33
  • - Update ATC Airport handling in case no ATC flightplan is given
  • - Update step VS items in 20 fpm steps (G1000 would be 50)
  • - Update FuelQuantities get Amber readings if unbalanced more than 15% of total Capacity
  • - Fix some more inconsistencies
  • - Update QuickGuide
    V 0.31-B25
    • - Add Config Switch to enable FLT handling/save (default off)
    • - Add ATC assigned/expected ALT, HDG and next WYP item
    • - Add Complete flightplan as tooltip on ATC item (the ATC assumed FP)
    • - Add FLT AutoSave if FLT handling is enabled (5Min interval, 12 saves max)
    • - Update Add FltLib as part of this project
    • - Update Complete rework of FLT File handling, should no longer interfere with SIM AutoSave in missions
    • - Fix Issues re. FLT file decoding causing exceptions due to unexpected states/contents
    • - Update QuickGuide
    * Right Click the Bar and choose from the pop up menu * To select a Profile (1..5 - your names) * To Configure.. to check or uncheck the items to be shown * To Exit and stop the program
    * The Hud can be shown as Bar or Tile (to be changed in Configuration, default is Bar at the Bottom of the screen) * Bar: a full width window attached to the defined side of the screen * Tile: a window sized to accommodate the selected items A Tile can be moved freely along the side where it is attached to
    Note: the previous Splitter is no longer available – use Tile and move the tile wherever you want.

    Autopilot commands that accept mouse clicks to toggle have a dark blue background and show a hand while hovering the active area

    AP,HDG,ALT,VS,FLC,NAV and APR can be directly toggled
    BARO set to current (keyboard B button)

    * ETrim - Elevator Trim: clicking the ETrim label will activate the Auto Elevator Trim module for about 20 seconds. It will display ETrim in green color while active - clicking the active module again will switch it off Note: the module controls the Elevator Trim in a way to level the aircraft towards zero vertical speed. It may or may not work to your expectation.. so use it only if you feel comfortable with.
    * Calculated fields when a "Next Waypoint" is available: * Estimate VS to WYP@ALT (WP-VS): Calculated VS to reach the next Waypoint at the proposed Altitude with the current GS and DIST (ALTP when purple or Setting Alt when blue) * Estimate ALT@WYP (WP-ALT): Calculated Altitude at next Waypoint using the actual GS, VS and DIST

    File Size : 4 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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