MSFS2020! PMDG Boeing 737 External Lights Adjustments Mod - V.1.3

External lighting adjustments to brighten and improve visibility for the PMDG 737. This modification is only for improving the exterior lights' visibility on the PMDG 737 and reducing excessive blooms.

Before doing anything else, make a backup for the Effects folder located in pmdg-aircraft-737, pmdg-aircraft-736, pmdg-aircraft-738 [effects] if you choose to backout if something goes wrong or want to go back to the defaults.

Installation Instructions
Based on your MSFS 2020, follow the relevant path:

Microsoft Store/Xbox App:

C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

  • Update support for PMDG Op(s) center 3.0.60.
  • LED lights range adjusted and brightness adjusted.
  • Halogen lights range adjusted and brightness adjusted.
  • Improved strobes visual effects during low visbility.

Once you located your prespective PMDG Folders, drag the Effects into the pmdg-aircraft to overlap the current existing Effects folder. (Assuming you already duplicated the effects and already made a backup for all varients on the PMDG 737(s).)
Launch MSFS 2020 and test out the lights for your relevant airframe(s).

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