MSFS2020 - PMDG 737 External Lighting Tweak - V.0.1



It is a drag and drop mod simply put Effects folder inside Community/pmdg-aircraft-737 

Navigation lights (Green and Red) :

- Intensity level increased.

- Coverage area slightly increased.

- Volumetric lighting effect increased.

Navigation lights (White) :

- Intensity significantly increased. ( In original setting its impossible to see those lights. Which are clearly seen in real life)

- Light color changed from led (cool white) to warm white to match real life color.

Strobes (Including Tail): 

Strobes was okay in my opinion so I haven’t increased values a lot but still boosted intensity.

- Intensity increased.

- Coverage area increased.

Beacon Lights (Top, belly and top wing) :

- Intensity level increased.

- Coverage area significantly increased.

Landing, runway and taxi lights:

Overall, they were pretty accurate and strong enough but I still increased intensity of the light now in my opinion closer to real life

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