Update! MSFS2020 - Douglas DC-3 Freeware Aircraft - V.4.21 [Working Cockpit]

This mod Is NOT realistic.

Conversion to MSFS2020 from FSX default Douglas DC3

Microsoft's rules: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules

  • Animated rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, main gear and tailwheel
  • Animated cowl flaps and animated control unit
  • Animated passenger door
  • Six pack: altimeter, indicated airspeed, compass, vertical speed, turn and bank, attitude indicator
  • Two nav and two adf radios and two radio magnetic indicator needles to fly using NDB’s and VOR’s. The RMI needles are duplcated on the main compass.
  • Two DME gauges
  • Two COM radios
  • Transponder
  • Zulu clock with stopwatch
  • ILS VOR gauge connected to the nav1 radio
  • Position indicator for flaps and main gear.
  • Simple autopilot to maintain heading, altitude and fly a selected VOR radial or localizer heading
  • Engines: RPM, manifold pressure, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, cylinder head temperature, carburetor air inlet temperature.
  • Fuel quantity gauge
  • Two fuel tank selectors on the pedestal
  • Navigation, beacon and landing lights with corresponding overhead switches.
  • Cockpit and cabin lighting
  • Master ignition switch and magnetos switches
  • Fuel booster pumps and starter switches
  • If starting cold and dark on the apron and you don’t want to use ctrl-e, you have to follow a simple startup procedure to get the engines running.
  • Two liveries: the helijah livery and a second “white-blue” livery as a starting point to paint your own livery.

Version 4.21
  • - hotfix for the cockpit window frame texture issues
  • - removes ES translation files from the mod since default ones are now up to par
    Version 3.7
    • relabeled the PITOT HEATER AFT/FORWARD ON/OFF switches to PITOT HEATER ON/OFF and WING DE-ICER ON/OFF to represent their functionality in the sim correctly, and aligned the ENGINE PRIMER label to the center
    • fixed a bug that caused the CDI to show the wrong deviation in certain conditions
    • added gameplay.cfg to the package to provide compatibility with GSX
      Version 3.6
      • radio-navigational gauges are now tied to the avionics master switch and will indicate 90° if no station signal or avionics master is off, and their animation will no longer be instant (suggested by apollon01)
      • vibrations of the whiskey compass are now driven by RPM and G forces and can be enabled/disabled if you click on its casing
      • structural de-ice type corrected from engine bleed to engine vacuum, which means it will no longer be instantaneous (CCM)
      • added an option to bypass the realistic engine start logic, by clicking the QS (quickstart) circuit breaker, enabling the user to start the engines in sub -30 °C temps, and providing compatibility with the default autostart key-bind (it can be re-enabled by clicking the Cold&Dark breaker)
        Version 3.5
        • avionics master switch now completely shuts down the GNS units
        • fixed glide slope indication not working in the classic (sperry) versions
        • removed the need to cycle the CDI from GPS to VLOC, for NAV to follow the GPS route
          Version 3.4
          • General FIX
            Version 3.0
            • IAS TAS relation corrected - QNH can be set - VOR ILS gauge: selected radial is shown permanently in digits
            • Improved gear animation. Animated passenger door incl hidable panel in cockpit. RMI needles duplicated in main compass. ILS gauge extended with OBS functionlity. AP extended witn Nav1 Hold to be able to fly a VOR radial or a Localizer.
            • animated cowl flaps and mixture handles - mouse grab functionality - com1 and com2 radios - transponder - dme1 and dme2 - some changes to the flightmodel config file
            • A completely new engine config file to solve engine problems. This new engine config file is derived from the Asobo Beech Bonanza engine config file.
            • Update of engine.cfg file to get a higher idle rpm to prevent engine stop due to low idle rpm

            Version 2.0
            • - Compatibility update Sim Update 5
            File Size : 30 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited


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