Update! MSFS2020 - Cessna 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 Improvement Mod - V.1.13

It's an improvement of the default Skyhawk AS1000 from Asobo (one of the default planes). Interior animations have been made from the static model, custom objects have been added.

When installing this mod, it replaces the default Skyhawk AS1000 (no new plane in the hangar).

How do I install it ?
Like all other mods :

remove previous version if there is one (in case some files are removed).
drop it in your community folder.
have a carefull look at the compatibility list

First of all you have an ingame mod manual :

click on the Help message on the panel, on the left to the PFD.
With this mod you will be able to :

Open the doors
Open the windows
Use the sun visors
You have 4 axes for the visors : 3 rotations and 1 slide
You will get customizations directly from the cockpit :

A handbook on pilot's left compartment storage
Accessible when you look down : "checklist01" camera : CTRL+6
Click on the book, you will get a page with clicable options (light is required in the cockpit)
You can show/hide the front and/or back wheel fairings
You can park your plane with optional wheel chocks and tie downs (currently visual, no effect on mouvement yet)
Set/remove external covers
You can show/hide pilot and copilot in inside views. It does not affect external views
Set pilote or copilote weight to zero if you want them to be hidden in external views
You can show/hide left and right passengers in interior and exterior views.
Set their weight to non zero to make them appear.
You can show/hide the front right seat and the back seats
If you have removed backseats, you can choose between differents setups in a dedicated page of the book
You can have all the switches, levers, fuel tank levels, visors, doors and windows remembered
It's an option, if chosen, state loading will occur at parking spot only. It will be partial in any other case.
If you don't want it, plane will start as it usually does
Several static objects decorating the interior (bottles, bags, maps...)
You also have two new checklists tools :

A checklist card
take it on the top of the panel, it will stay visible in the corner of your eye during the different phases of the flight
no checkmarks, no hint, no automatic help : they're made to be read
you can show/hide it from the options handbook
A flip checklist box
to follow easily steps of your takeoff and landing phases and remember what you've done
you can show/hide it from the options handbook

Fixes :
  • - Ingame documentation update
  • - Emissive documentation for night start beginers
  • - lights fix
  • - fixed non emissive checklists
  • - fixed bad emissive S4S tablet
  • - you can now use Cold&Dark on ground (not only on parking spot)
New features :
  • - Internal lights are now saved
  • - 3 configurations for compass :
  • - Standard : on the board
  • - Higher, on the windscreen
  • - No compass (a feature request for panel builders)
    • Sky4sim os support
    • with integration : works fastly
    • B78xh mod bug workaround
    • the overidden template has been rewritten to avoid bugs with b78xh mod installed
    • I hope we won't have to write workarounds for a lot of other mods
    • 3D model left aileron 
    • Checklist errors
      • - Copilot and passengers weights are not modified anymore when choosing cold & dark
      • - Door & window new sounds donated by Boris Audio Work
      • - The very good "CESSNA 172 SOUND SET" will very soon include them and be fully compatible with this plane, thanks to Boris
      • - GTN 750 support (if installed) on tablet (not realistic, but a very requested feature)
      • - Tablet returns to your current app when powered back on after off

      Fixes :
      • - fail proof state saved reading function (or better at least)
      • - dual decals in cockpit
      • - bad uvmap on windshield
        • - Cargo unloading : option available from the cargo page of the book
          • - cardboard is now stowed in cold+start
          • - VR problems fixed : they were caused by hidden manual & cardboard
          • - OpenStreetMap added to the vfr maps
          • - Switzerland maps added to the vfr maps
          • - New option to hide the manual logo on the panel
          • - Tablet added to the plane

          File Size : 233 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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