MSFS2020 - Headwind Simulations A339X Airbus 330-900 Neo Freeware Aircraft - V.0.4.1

Headwind Simulations A339X Airbus 330-900 Neo Freeware Aircraft

The Airbus A330-900neo is a modern, fuel-efficient wide-body aircraft designed for long-haul flights. With a range of up to 7,200 nautical miles, the A330-900neo can connect cities and regions all over the world.

The A330-900neo features the latest in aerodynamic design and engine technology, including new-generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, which reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%. The aircraft also features advanced wingtip devices known as Sharklets, which further improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise.

Passengers onboard the A330-900neo can enjoy a comfortable and spacious cabin, with a modern design and the latest in-flight entertainment and connectivity options. The cabin can be configured to accommodate up to 440 passengers in a high-density layout, or up to 406 passengers in a typical two-class configuration.

Overall, the A330-900neo is a reliable and cost-effective choice for airlines looking to expand their long-haul capabilities while minimizing their environmental impact.

A339X Changelog v0.4.1:
  • fix(light): reposition dome light
  • fix(model): improvements to glass screen, remove cat3a sticker
  • fix(mcdu): fix flight plan request on turn-around
  • chore: fix missing .env for acj
A339X Changelog 0.4.0
  • feat(model): Add ACJ330-900neo - Livery Done by @aaMasih - Airframe SimBrief:
  • feat(model): Add Headwind Simulations Livery - Done by @Kikiwi
  • feat(model): Add First-Officer EFB flyPad
  • feat(model): Add glass and reflections to screens
  • feat(model): Change MCP to white text (instead of orange, based on some rare a330neo configuration like N402DX)
  • feat(model): Remove nosat model, add satcom feature via efb
  • reworked(texture): Removed our liveries and added them as a livery package via installer
  • fix(model): Fix Pilot avatars not showing correctly
  • fix(model): increase brightness and reduce reflection of efb
  • fix(model): Landing Gear / Bay Animations fixed (third party should recognize the state of the Landing Gear now too)
  • rework(light): Update lights and effects, relocate pedestal integrated light to correct potentiometer position
  • update(sound): Changed Engine Sound to A330NEO (RR Trent)
  • update(fac): Update to fit A330 values
  • feat(mcdu): init page add pax number
  • rework(mcdu): Add A330 Systems - ACARS / SATCOM / CMS / ACMS / FM1
  • rework(mdcu): rework fuel pred calculations
  • fix(mcdu): ident page correct aircraft and engine type
  • fix(mcdu): fix negative efob on flight plan page
  • fix(mcdu): EFOB and FUEL PRED get dashed out at decent
  • rework(ecam): Add GWCG to perma data, missing wheels, missing spoiler
  • fix(ecam): change label of cargo bulk door
  • rework(engine): change labels, engine config for n3
  • rework(fws): adjust vfe speeds, altn/dct law, all engines failure speeds
  • fix(navigation): fix wrong radio altimeter position
  • rework(speed): rework speed calc now based on a339 values

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