MSFS2020 - Flight Simulator 2020Pushback Toolbar Addon - V.1.4.1

Toolbar Pushback gives you full control over your pushback! Use Pushback Pre-Planning for automated pushback procedures, or take control yourself and steer the tug with your rudder pedals, joystick, keyboard or mouse and steplessly adjust the tug speed to your liking. All natively from within Flight Simulator without the need for running any apps or alt tabbing out of the sim. Additionally, ground services can be called with a click of a button. Works with all types of aircraft. 


  • Download the latest release of "Toolbar Pushback" 
  • Extract the zip file into the community folder (remove previous version of this add-on before updating!)
  • Press the Pushback Icon in the Flight Simulator Toolbar
  • Alternatively press the classic "shift + p" 
  • Toggle the add-on window by pressing "right ctrl + p"  
  • Note: Make sure no other pushback apps are running, as this may interfere with Toolbar Pushback 
Version 1.4.1
  • * FIXED: Add-on panels are no longer resizable when closed. 
  • * FIXED: Possible incompatibility with other third party toolbar add-ons is resolved. 
  • * FIXED: FBW A32NX aft and cargo door buttons no longer swapped when using certain liveries. 
  • * IMPROVED: General performance improvements of the Pushback Planner. 
  • * ADDED: Door buttons in the aircraft tab for the new Aerosoft Twin Otter. 

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File Size : 9 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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