Update! MSFS2020 - Floyds Epic Clouds Weather Environments Pack - V.1.7.C

A free cloud pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator including a set of Big Cloud variants to fill your landscapes to the horizon! Each cloudscape has been tested over mountains and plains to optimise them for a broad range of environments.

  • The clouds have interdependent weather properties.
Including cloud cover, temperature, pressure, snow, wind speed and winds aloft.
  • Each name contains cloud cover and temperature.
The cloud cover is in 1/8th units. Therefore 50% cloud cover would be for example:
“fec 4’8 12c – Layered Clouds” or
“fec 4’8 53f – Layered Clouds”
The temperature will be in Centigrade or Fahrenheit depending on the package you choose to install.
  • Winds aloft has been included
The winds aloft direction is based on the temperature of the cloudscape:
Below 23c/73f is treated a temperate climate and the winds aloft will blow from West to East.
Temperatures of 23c/73f and above are treated as tropical and the winds aloft will blow from East to West.
Note: This will be reasonably realistic for flight paths that stay within their tropical or temperate starting climates. It is not possible to change the wind direction automatically if you traverse that boundary.
  • There are two sort orders available
Including their Centigrade and Fahrenheit variants.

How to Install the Cloudscapes
You install in the same way as other addons:

Uninstall any and all previous versions
Download the file and unzip it
There are 4 possible installations which allow you to choose a sort order and a temperature scale.
The two sort orders are by cloud cover or name. If you are not sure choose cloud cover as the first item in the title.
The temperature is listed in Fahrenheit or Centigrade
Put one of the ‘Floyds Epic Clouds’ folders into your community folder.
Restart the sim
The new presets have been added to the Weather presets list and will be prefixed with ‘fec’ meaning Floyds Epic Clouds.
If you do not see the presets, check the Troubleshooting guide on this web page.

How to Uninstall the Cloudscapes
You uninstall in the same way as other addons:

Move the ‘Floyds Epic Clouds’ folder out your community folder
Restart the sim
The presets will no longer be in the Weather presets list.

Mods Maker: FLOYD
Creator Donate
File Size : 39 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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