MSFS2020 - Map Enhancement Mod - Bing Maps to Google Maps - V.7.0.8

Version 7.0.8
  • Fix google server pro access issue.
    Version 7.0.7
    • General fix
      Version 7.0.6
      • Add mapbox pro which has a built-in token
      • Combined duplicated google map server into 1
      • Add google map pro for color tunning and other map fixes, free version will still provide google Maps but with its original status.

      Download and you will get a zip file

      Extract it and you will see an exe file name: MSFS2020 Map Enhancement Installer 6.x.x

      Double click it to trigger installation, please keep the default installation path.

      You will see a "MSFS2020 Map Enhancement" icon appear on your desktop

      Before starting MSFS2020, open the mod and allow it runs in administrator mode

      Choose the map and click "Start"

      You will see the status is "Started" show and it will refresh automatically when you are in-game

      Start your MFSF2020 and enjoy.

      Close MSFS2020 and close this mod (It should automatically return to bing map for the next run)

      If you like this mod, please help me improve it by donating 

      If you have a problem, please see FAQ first 

      If FAQ can't solve the problem, please raise an issue 

      Please also click the "Subscribe" button on this page to get latest update


      File Size : 140 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited


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