Update! XPLANE - Pratt & Whitney 1100-G Engine Mod 1.3.1 [FFA320, Toliss A319 & A321 ]

Present to you all the Pratt & Whitney 1100-G Engine for the FFA320, Toliss A319 and A321 

Fully Animated Interior/Exterior Reverse's with Custom Particles in icing conditions and reverse thrust particle effects.

This has 2 types of quality texturing, it has a High Quality texture mode - 4K Textures, and a lower quality 2K Texture Mod.

This is a Visual Mod only, there is no change to performance in this mod, you will still get the same performance you would using the CFM/IAE Engines, If your using the Toliss with this mod, I would suggest making sure it is set to CFM not IAE so you will get the "N1" on the ECAM rather than the "EPR"


    • Air Inlet Cowling Model Slightly edited to be more round and little lip on the bottom.
    • Update to textures in multiple areas;
    • Cowling - Dirt/Grim and the bottom of the cowlings
    • Modified the Pylon Textures - Colour of parts and Dirt/Grim
    • PBRs also updated to add to texture changes
    • (A321/A319) Modified the Particles for lower temperature condensation out of the Pylons
    • (A321) Manual updated to provide instructions on how to install the PWs in a way that can be used with the default Toliss LEAP/IAE/CFM engines or with my LEAP Engine Mod.
    • Texture Format Updated to fit with 11.50 Recommendations all textures now us .dds format
    • 2K Version has been removed as Vulkan now handles quality of textures.
    • Paintkit also Updated to reflect Changes.
    • Fixed Missing updated Manual for A321 - Please redownload the 321 mod zip file.


    • Better Exhaust Textures including the Missing Pressure Relief Door on each side of the engine.
    • Including correct texturing of each side of the exhaust of the engine exhaust.
    • Updated Textures of the Engine Cowling;
    • Removed the black Hoist Point Replaced them with proper crew textures.
    • Added more accurate worded text on the cowling.
    • Added more accurate textures to the bottom of the Cowling around the Cowling Latches
    • Updated the Textures on the bottom interior of the reverser cowling below the Engine Exhaust.
    • Fixed the Hot Air Outlets location, added dirt textures to the outlets.
    • Added Text textures to the Fan Blades to me accurate to what you would see on the PW Engines.
    • Adding Panel Number to the Engine Pylons and change some of colour to the ring/cushion between the pylon and wing model.
    •  Added in Oil Drop Models to the bottom of the engines and the engine exhaust.

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