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XPLANE - Pratt & Whitney 1100-G Engine Mod 1.2.0 [FFA320, Toliss A319 & A321 ]

I Present to you all the Pratt & Whitney 1100-G Engine for the FFA320, Toliss A319 and A321 

Fully Animated Interior/Exterior Reverse's with Custom Particles in icing conditions and reverse thrust particle effects.

This has 2 types of quality texturing, it has a High Quality texture mode - 4K Textures, and a lower quality 2K Texture Mod.

This is a Visual Mod only, there is no change to performance in this mod, you will still get the same performance you would using the CFM/IAE Engines, If your using the Toliss with this mod, I would suggest making sure it is set to CFM not IAE so you will get the "N1" on the ECAM rather than the "EPR"


  1. Better Exhaust Textures including the Missing Pressure Relief Door on each side of the engine.
  2. Including correct texturing of each side of the exhaust of the engine exhaust.
  3. Updated Textures of the Engine Cowling;
  4. Removed the black Hoist Point Replaced them with proper crew textures.
  5. Added more accurate worded text on the cowling.
  6. Added more accurate textures to the bottom of the Cowling around the Cowling Latches
  7. Updated the Textures on the bottom interior of the reverser cowling below the Engine Exhaust.
  8. Fixed the Hot Air Outlets location, added dirt textures to the outlets.
  9. Added Text textures to the Fan Blades to me accurate to what you would see on the PW Engines.
  10. Adding Panel Number to the Engine Pylons and change some of colour to the ring/cushion between the pylon and wing model.
  11.  Added in Oil Drop Models to the bottom of the engines and the engine exhaust.

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