Update! Flight Simulator 2020 - Diamond DA62 Improvement Mod - V.

Performance and UX fixes to the DA62 to match the real thing


      • FADEC added with combustion extinction (not active on the ground)
      • Runnup tests ECU B then A, no longer both
      • Weight and balance is more accurate to the real plane
      • Vertical speed and Altitude Failure behave correctly correct
      • Deice Fluid can be reset. You must be: On ground ,Parking brake on and shut down
      • Deice Alternate switch behaviour changed
      • Engine indications only stop after the engine has stopped turning
      • Red load warning added
      • Feathering behaviour improved
      • Fuel totaliser behaves like an actual fuel totaliser. Turn the plane off or use the ELT to reset it
      • Fuel transfer rate set to a more realistic rate (1 gal/min)
      • Gyro drift and weirdness fixed
      • Restored ground effect
      • Changed sitting attitude 0.5-1° nose up (rear wheels clip through the ground slightly)
      • Changed tail incidence and neutral trim setting
      • Softened suspension
      • White navlight changed
      • Improved Autopilot PIDs
      • Included instructions for Thrust bug
      • CTD fix


      • Version Hotfix for update
      • Improved PIDs for new sim update
      • Fixed PFD and MFD swap
      • Improved cockpit lighting (again).
      • Removed center flood light (not needed)
      • removed glowing lighting knobs
      • Improved effectiveness of anti ice system
      • Functional windshield defrost based of left engine temp and lever position


      • Fixed Alitude error CAS message (im a dummy)
      • Powersetting will be kept when chaging between Propcontrol and Full FADEC mode (not go to idle)
      • Deice fluid level will show on startup
      • Improved Cockpit lighting and ambience
      • Improved Navlights
      • Changes Strobes to LED strobes
      • ATC enable callsign fixed
      • Added Runup criteria: Gearbox > 35°C, throttle Idle and on ground
      • Run-up throttle setting is temperature compensated
      • Added slight asymmetries between engine indications
      • Added High oil pressure CAS
      • Added Coolant Level low CAS
      • Altitude error CAS factors in kohlsman setting
      • Changed Fuel heating based on Engine temperature, RPM and fuel quantity
      • Fixed endurance calculations, removed unusable fuel (2.6GAL)
      • Min fuel temp -30°C not -25°C
      • Windshield Anti-ice fluid "lingers" for an additional 10 seconds per press
      • Added FADEC High Altitude combustion extinction
      • Other slight FULL FADEC QOL improvements
      • Updated PDF

      Version 0.2.4

      • Changed behaviour of ALTITUDE ERROR and DEIC PRESS HI CAS messages
      • Added Check gear CAS message when Idle
      • Added white Nav light. Modified Strobes and other Nav lights
      • Added a simple code to check the state of the Ice-light
      • Gal Used accuracy improved (hopefully)
      • Fuel indications no longer read the unusable fuel
      • Added 1° of elevator trim back
      • Backend code clean ups
      • Added Modified checklist and Familiarisation PDFs (if something is still unclear, please say so)
      • Added experimental "Mixture controlled Full FADEC". See PDF for more info

      Version 0.2.3

      • Cleaned up/polish on the G1000 indications
      • Engine indications can now be monitored for 3 seconds after shutdown
      • Added Voltage drop when starting
      • Fightmodel attitudes improved all around.
      • Flap lift increased
      • Engine failure kicks more
      • Single engine Performance matches more to the POH
      • Gear drag increased slightly
      • Testing the deice panel triggers CAS messages
      • ECU test doesn't loop and needs to be completed to remove CAS messages
      • Lowered max water and oil temperature (engine wont overheat so easy)
      • Improved oil pressure behaviour
      • Camera placement moved ~ 10cm inboard (give better visibility and aligns you better with the instrument panel
      • Windshield deice is no longer free
      • Glideslope PIDs improved
      • Gal Used indications redone. (during testing I got less than 1% error)
      • Some backend stuff
      • Added ECU run-up and feathering
      • Left and right engine are now independent of each other
      • Windshield anti ice is no longer activated by airframe anti ice
      • DEIC PRES HI added above 50% structural icing to give you an indication of icing severity
      • Autopilot Roll sharpened a little

      Version 0.2.1

      Smooth animations on the engine and system indications

      Fuel temperature is now simulated*

      New volumetric lights from uwajimaya :slight_smile:

      Fixed RPM and load indications (thanks bilingualharp7)

      engine fuel pressure CAS has returned**

      Redone ANTI ice system with different modes and endurance

      Version 0.2

      Propcontrol is standard. Files and settings can easily be changed out
      Changed the RPM curve. Windmilling idle set to 2200rpm
      Added a PDF explaining how FADECs work and how to change
      Reduced Turbo spool up time
      Improved Autopilot PIDs, again


      Autopilot fixed for (ish)

      Reduced Trim effectiveness for the update, from 9° to 5°


      Fixed Fuel flow increase from the fuel pumps

      Fixed Ammeter indications

      Removed low fuel pressure CAS message

      Synced shutdown sounds

      Added red speed tape in G1000 and external view

      Changed the external RPM gauge yellow band

      Changes FLT files

      Other stuff

      Version v0.1.4

      Engine indications and CAS messages react to the Master switch state.

      "propControl_Engine.cfg" for "PropControl_FADEC (Standard)

      Added back some Yaw, pitch and roll stability (5-10%)

      Default registration changed to OE-FGZ

      Added "metal" leading edge and MT logo on static prop

      UI name changed to DA62X

      Probably changes some other stuff I dont remember lol

      Deicing works

      Version v0.1.3.1

      Autopilot PIDs redone

      Gear Cd reduced (I forgot to mention that I increased it last time)

      Propeller control “FADEC” now standard

      Version v0.1.3

      Roll, pitch and yaw inertia increased

      Roll, pitch, and yaw dampening removed

      Improved CL table

      Added “Engine fire” and “Low Fuel Pressure” CAS callouts

      reduced the Cooling compared to the DA40 due to higher airspeeds.

      Ice lights added by Uwajimaya (Thanks again <3)

      Version 0.1.2

      Improved outside lighting by Uwajimaya

      Reduced brightness of the standby instruments (inspired by the TBM mod by JayDee)

      G1000 limitations set (FLC, VS mode)

      Some autopilot change ideas stolen from Jonasbeaver

      Improved ground handling (tighter turn radius, reduced wheel friction)

      Tail: reduced elevator, trim and rudder deflection

      Ailerons: Increased adverse yaw, effectiveness reduced at higher loadfactor

      Low power correction added to FADEC

      Wing: Added 1° of incidence, Increased flaps lift and drag, reduced clean lift


      Drag and drop "DA62X" into the community folder

      If you see the thumbnail in game, you have installed it correctly

      Install G100 Mode


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