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Update! Flight Simulator 2020 - Diamond DA62 Improvement Mod - V.1.4.0

Performance and UX fixes to the DA62 to match the real thing

Version v0.1.4

Engine indications and CAS messages react to the Master switch state.

"propControl_Engine.cfg" for "PropControl_FADEC (Standard)

Added back some Yaw, pitch and roll stability (5-10%)

Default registration changed to OE-FGZ

Added "metal" leading edge and MT logo on static prop

UI name changed to DA62X

Probably changes some other stuff I dont remember lol

Deicing works

Version v0.1.3.1

Autopilot PIDs redone

Gear Cd reduced (I forgot to mention that I increased it last time)

Propeller control “FADEC” now standard

Version v0.1.3

Roll, pitch and yaw inertia increased

Roll, pitch, and yaw dampening removed

Improved CL table

Added “Engine fire” and “Low Fuel Pressure” CAS callouts

reduced the Cooling compared to the DA40 due to higher airspeeds.

Ice lights added by Uwajimaya (Thanks again <3)

Version 0.1.2

Improved outside lighting by Uwajimaya

Reduced brightness of the standby instruments (inspired by the TBM mod by JayDee)

G1000 limitations set (FLC, VS mode)

Some autopilot change ideas stolen from Jonasbeaver

Improved ground handling (tighter turn radius, reduced wheel friction)

Tail: reduced elevator, trim and rudder deflection

Ailerons: Increased adverse yaw, effectiveness reduced at higher loadfactor

Low power correction added to FADEC

Wing: Added 1° of incidence, Increased flaps lift and drag, reduced clean lift


Drag and drop "DA62X" into the community folder

If you see the thumbnail in game, you have installed it correctly

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