MSFS2020 - LGSK Skiathos International Airport , Greek - V.1.10

Take flight to the scenic greek island of Skiathos in the Aegaen Sea, well known for it´s short runway and proximity to the sunny beaches!
This is version 1.10 of my free airport addon bringing you the famous Skiathos Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport (LGSK).

Changelog V1.10:

*Added many new details all around the airport!
*Replaced all previous buildings with new generic ones that are now VISIBLE FOR ALL versions of MSFS
*Improved/Added ground textures around the airport to better match reality
*Tweaked terraforming on many places
*Added vegetation where it was missing

Improvements to the original version of LGSK:

*Changed runway designators from 20/02 to 19/01
*Improved runway layout overall (can´t get precision markings to show)
*Corrected Runway slope to be closer to reality
*Added the new apron built in 2016/2017 with relatively accurate markings
*Added accurate Taxiway Signs
*Corrected Taxiway names to match reality
*Added close to reality apron lights
*Added many static objects around the airport
*Added functional Tower and Approach  (ATIS currently not working)
*Added functional parking stands
*Added boats and some items around the beach of runway 01
*Replaced autogenerated terminal buildings with some generic buildings

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