MSFS2020 - YBDG Bendigo Airport , Australia - V.1.1

This new scenery is for YBDG, Bendigo, Australia and developed using the Software Development Kit released by Asobo.  

The airport is missing from the sim so was built from the ground up using default scenery objects.

- Accurate runways, aprons and taxiways.
- Correctly placed hangars and windsocks
- Correct Com frequency
- Improved Vegetation
- Static aircraft
- Includes night lighting for runways, taxiways, main apron and some hangars and a lit windsock.

Update 3/10/20
New and improved features:
- New runway markings to reflect the most recent construction at the airport
- All new apron markings
- Taxiway markings also re-done
- Papi lights installed
- Better night lighting including all windsocks now lit- Improvements to several buildings such as the fuel bowser, some hangars and improvements to fences
- AI traffic compatibility improved
- Added gabel markers and cones (by Hoynedawg)

To install, select the airport folder and copy into your Microsoft Flight Simulator community folder.

Hope you enjoy,  Happy Flying!

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