Flight Simulator 2020 SimAware Discord App - V.1.3

This plugin emulates Discord Rich Presence by showing your whereabouts on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This works with all editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, as well as Flight Simulator X.


- Can show Transponder, Callsign, Aircraft Type

- Shows Nearest Aerodrome

- Will show you if your aircraft is currently grounded (on the ground)

- Shows you the time enroute (elapsed)

- Shows altitude

What's new this update


- [X] Fixed Minimise Issue

- [X] Added background connection to Aware Modem (Radar) to be enabled when the radar is complete


- [X] Added ground detection, will no longer say altitude when you are grounded, instead the frequency, speed, and squawk


- [X] Addressed SimConnect Flight Simulator Performance Issue

- [X] Added Indicated Airspeed

To run this, if your computer does not have the .NET Core Runtime installed, please install it: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/current/runtime

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